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"Pub"-miento Cheese

This is a classic case of adapting a recipe for the sake of satisfying my husband's taste buds and utilizing a classic recipe that has now turned into a staple in our refrigerator.  I am a southern girl by transplant, New Jersey born, Atlanta raised.  I identify with my southern side most of the time but my Jersey comes out sometimes when I least expect it. Ha!   One of the things I identify most with in the south is the cuisine.  I love classic southern recipes!  Give me a fried green tomato, banana puddin' and some pimiento cheese any day and I'm a happy girl.  I like to keep things as easy as possible an most of the southern classics are that way.   Whenever my husband and I travel or get away to a new city, one of our favorite places to stop in is the local Irish pub.  You can't lose!  It's always a fun atmosphere and you can count on the food being classic as well.  One of my husband's favorite things to order is pub cheese.  Smooth, tangy from the b

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